Stories @ TCAT

Welcome back, TCAT Shelbyville students! The campus is buzzing with energy as the Spring 2024 trimester kicks off. Here's a visual journey through the first day happenings that set the tone for an exciting trimester.


Butch Arthur, our Franklin County Campus Information Technology and Infrastructure Management instructor, took his new students on a tour, making the tech world less intimidating and more exciting. He set the vibe for what looks like an awesome trimester ahead.


The Franklin County Nursing students are back in action after a break, eagerly preparing for upcoming clinical rotations. In the captured moment of a nursing student performing a checkoff, you feel the intensity and dedication that defines her journey. This isn't just a return; it's a focused preparation for real-world healthcare challenges.


Down in the workshop, the Franklin County Campus Machine Tool Technology students were in their element, making noise and getting creative. It was all about hands-on learning, where they put precision and imagination into action.


Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Electricity students wasted no time, diving into an electrical project for a new office. Real-world applications of their skills were on display, setting the stage for a term filled with electrifying accomplishments.


Over at Main Campus, the Administrative Office Technology students were doing their thing, showing off their organizational skills. You could practically feel the productivity in the air as they navigated the digital world like pros.


As we embark on this new learning opportunity, we're excited about the discoveries, growth, and successes that lie ahead. Join us in making this trimester one for the books! Best of luck to all students on their academic journey at TCAT Shelbyville.

Here's to knowledge, hands-on experiences, and the thrill of learning!


Captured by: Shannon Dowden