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Frequently Asked Questions for Current Students

Does TCAT-Shelbyville help students seeking information about continuing education?

Yes, the TCAT-Shelbyville Student Services department provides advisement services to assist students in seeking additional educational program information from community colleges and universities.  Any student interested in additional educational information may contact Leslie Martin, Student Services Coordinator at or by calling 931-685-5013, Ext. 108

Does TCAT-Shelbyville provide placement services for all program completers?

TCAT-Shelbyville does not guarantee a student employment; however, the administration, the student services department, and the instructional staff, through business and industry and personal contacts, assist students in finding employment in keeping with their area of skill development.  Program completers receive the highest priority for such considerations.  Employers frequently call the institution for students that are available for employment as well.

How can I obtain a copy of my TCAT-Shelbyville transcript?

A transcript is prepared automatically when a student completes the program or at times when needed for employment purposes.  A student may request his or her transcript by sending a request for transcript here.