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Admissions: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get credit for classes taken at other institutions?

This will be up to the discretion of the instructor or teacher.  When applying, make sure you present Student Services with a formal transcript or have a transcript request with you.

Can I visit the institution and observe a program?

Yes, you are welcome to come tour the campus and visit the classes. You can schedule your visit from our website. 

Do your programs articulate with two and four year institutions?

Previously, until 2015, a diploma from a Tennessee College of Applied Technology would be recognized by a community college and the student would be granted up to 30 semester hours of college credit. Due to accreditation issues, community colleges can no longer grant a block of college credit hours for a diploma from a TCAT. 

Two year institutions can evaluate transcripts and grant experiential or life long-learning college credit based on the individual’s curriculum on the transcript. The only exception is the Licensed Practical Nurse program. LPN graduates are offered a “bridge” program which allows them credit for the first year of nursing classes in the RN program.

Four year universities also can grant advanced credit hours for experiential or life-long learning, especially with institutions that have Adult Learners programs. Currently, Western Governors University (WGU-Tennessee) does grant 30 hours of articulated credit toward a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.  

Student Services will gladly answer any questions you may have about articulation.

How do I get started?

Applications are completed online. You can visit the Admissions page to review enrollment requirements and begin your application. If you have additional questions, you can contact the Student Services department.

Is the institution a state or local entity?

The institution is one of 46 institutions in the Tennessee Board of Regents. (The University and Community College System of the State of Tennessee).

Is the institution accredited?

Yes. The Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology are accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE). 

What books, tools or supplies will I need?

Review the Books and Materials requirements on the program page for your program of interest. You can also contact the Student Services department.  

What financial aid is available?

There are many types of financial aid available (Scholarships, Grants, Education Benefit Programs). Visit the Financial Aid page for more information.

What is the difference between a technical diploma and a college or university degreed program?

A Technical Diploma provides you with the quickest way to gain the technical skills to get into the workplace fast and efficiently.  Over 83% of the jobs in the workforce require this type of training. This form of education provides a foundation for you to continue your education with a two-year college or university if you choose to do so while working in your field of expertise.