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Frequently Asked Questions for Business and Industry

Are evening or Saturday training classes available?

Yes, the TCAT-Shelbyville can offer evening or Saturday classes as requested. 

Is the training only available at the campus or can the training be conducted at an off-campus location?

The TCAT-Shelbyville typically has the flexibility to provide the training at an off-campus location depending on the equipment needs.

Is there a limit of class size enrollment?

The TCAT-Shelbyville has found an enrollment of 20 to 25 students is the most effective; however, the institution is flexible depending on the particular class.  There is no minimum enrollment since the cost is based on the hours of training.

What is the cost for special industry classes?

The TCAT-Shelbyville estimates the cost simply to cover the expenses of the training.   It includes the cost for instruction, and as applicable, books, copying material, and travel.