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Information Technology Guidelines

Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Shelbyville Registration and Credit Card PCI-DSS Compliance. To view our certificate of compliance, click here.

Southern Connections Catering PCI-DSS compliance. To view Southern Connections certificate of compliance, click here.

Personal Work Orders

Students with personal computers can bring them to the ITIM programs to be repaired. Students must supply all software and materials needed to repair their pcs. Repairs are performed as time permits. TCAT Shelbyville and the ITIM class are not responsible for the loss of data on your computer or hard drive.

Use of TCAT Shelbyville Network

Students or Visitors who wish to use the school network with their personal computing device must register that device with the IT Department.  In order to register the device, the IT Department must have the MAC address of the device.  

Students may bring personal equipment to the school and use the school's wireless network. (Wireless Availability covers the entire school.) Students must abide by the polices set forth at TCAT Shelbyville.  

The IT staff reserve the right to remove equipment from the school's network for safety and security reasons.

Student Email

TBR will issue you a school email account. If you have misplaced your password, you must contact TBR for assistance in regard to your student email.


Microsoft products are sold to students through the administrative offices. The IT department will assist you as time permits with the installation of these products.  Students are responsible for making sure their computer meets the minimum requirements and the software is legally owned by the student.

Policies and Safety

Preventing Identity Theft

IT Policies for TCAT Shelbyville