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Alumni Association

The TCAT-Shelbyville Alumni Association is comprised of all the graduates that have attended the institution since its opening in 1964. After 50 years as the premier workforce provider in the seven counties that the institution serves, the alumni association numbers over 25,000 members. 

Alumni are invited and welcomed to return to the institution to speak to the students about opportunities in the occupational field and their successes.  Several alumni serve on the respective Craft Advisory Committees to provide feedback on the quality and improvement of the training programs. 

In 2000, the TCAT-Shelbyville established the Shelbyville Technology Center Foundation and alumni are invited to make donations to the Foundation to help support student scholarships and provide funds for equipment.

Each year at the General Advisory meeting typically held in April in the evening, an alumni is honored with the Distinguished Alumni award in recognition of their service to the institution through their commitment, dedication and excellence in the chosen career achieved after graduating from the TCAT-Shelbyville.