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TCAT Shelbyville encourages students to continue the pursuit of higher education in the midst of COVID-19.

This year has brought about many changes to the world as it is known. Education was impacted significantly.

Even so, higher education is moving forward. TCAT Shelbyville is here to support all students. Faculty and staff are working to create a safe environment for students. Staff are onsite to answer the phones and emails. Virtual campus tours are being offered so students can still check out the programs they are interested in from the safety of their homes. Physical tours are being offered again with modifications for student safety. We are moving forward. 

The fall trimester will start Sept. 1. Current students are receiving the same high level of training and education they have always received. Industries that hire TCAT Shelbyville students are getting employees that are completely competent and warrantied in their field of study. What hasn’t changed is our dedication to student success, our commitment to be the premier supplier of workforce development, and our allegiance with our community and industry partners.

 TCAT's message to the senior class of 2020 is simple. If you haven't applied for college, now is the time! Don’t let the uncertainty of the current times impact your entire future. This too shall pass and when it does, make sure you are poised to leap at the opportunities in front of you. Nothing sets you apart from others than knowledge and skill. That’s what you get at TCAT Shelbyville.