Stories @ TCAT

(L-R) James Cotter, Steve Mallard, Ronald Hughes

The Senior CIT Students and IT Department at TCAT Shelbyville were presented letters from David Purkey, Assistant Commissioner/ Homeland Security Advisor for their participation in the 2016 Cyber Security Conference.   James Cotter, Cyber Intelligence Agent and Ronald Hughes, DHS presented the awards. TCAT CIT students helped to setup, judge and advise IT Security Professionals during the event.

Steve Mallard, Sr. Master instructor was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from Governor Bill Haslam for his participation and coordination as a partner with the Department of Homeland Security and the 2016 Cyber Security Summit.

Sr. Students receiving a letter from the Department of Homeland Security-

  • Percy L.  Jenkins III
  • Dustin Floyd
  • Joshua Berry
  • Frank Watkins
  • James Christensen
  • Jake Nelson
  • Timothy Singer
  • Shantaysia Curry
  • Cory Flippo
  • Evan Pilkington
  • Kam Anderson
  • Thaddeus Walker
  • Eli Therrien
  • Eli Basurto 
  • Daryl Graham
  • Shaun Moats
  • Chucky Merlo
  • Cam Richardson

Faculty and Staff receiving a letter from the Department of Homeland Security-

Dawn Babian, Asst. IT Manager, Security and Network Admin

Mike Miller, Asst. IT Manager, CIT Instructor

Jan Jones, PC Support

Letter from Governor

Steve Mallard, Sr. Master Instructor, IT Systems Administrator/Security 


Pictures from the conference can be found here.