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The Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Shelbyville is an agency dedicated to upgrading skills for the business/industrial community; therefore, the College is normally open if local businesses/industries are open. However, in the event of inclement weather, students should use discretion concerning personal safety. If classes have not been cancelled due to inclement weather, students not attending classes will be recorded as absent.

Students should use absences wisely! If the severity of the weather conditions warrant College closing and/or an alternate schedule, an announcement will be made on area TV stations as listed below. Information will also be made available on the College’s website:, TCAT-S Facebook page and through Nixle text alerts. Students can sign up to receive alerts here:


  • Do not confuse the Bedford County School System with the Tennessee College of Applied    
    Technology - Shelbyville. Closure of the College will specify "TCAT-Shelbyville".
  • Any other unforeseen emergencies that necessitate closing the College will be communicated to students using the same media sources as in the case of inclement weather.

TV Stations

WKRN - Channel 2 - Nashville

WSMV - Channel 4 - Nashville

WTVF - Channel 5 - Nashville

WZTV - Fox 17 – Nashville