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Pictured: L-R Dennis Wagner, Director of External Affairs AT&T; Representative Pat Marsh; Laura Monks, TCAT-S President; Steve Mallard, Lead ITIM Instructor; Mike Miller and Walter McCord, ITIM Instructors.

As part of AT&T’s continuing commitment to supporting quality education across Tennessee, the company has donated $3,000 to the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Shelbyville.
The total grant of $81,000 was submitted by Dr. Carol Puryear, Vice Chancellor for Economic and Community Development of TBR.

Each of the 27 TCATs received the $3,000 donation.

The contribution will provide for the purchase of network storage units which help support training for high-skill jobs requiring technology-based skills throughout Tennessee. The use of the units will prepare students to successfully recover from a mock data disaster and practice implementing recovery plans.