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Celebrating 2020 Graduates

Industry Donations for HVAC-R

Industries that support our programs are invaluable!

Practice First, Then Succeed

Tate Garvin, a first trimester welding student,

Congratulations, CAD Students!

Congratulations to Ethan Petty & Christian Beal for successfully completing the Computer Aide

TCAT CAD NEWS: TCAT Dual Enrolled - TCAT Shelbyville Students earn industry recognized certifications.

Below: Pictured left to right: Georgia Gagnon, Abigial Neeley, Wyatt Brutts (Moore County HS), Cl

CAD Students Earn Certificates

CO.STARTERS Entrepreneur & Small Business Training

If you have thought about owning your own business, but had no idea how to begin, you want to par

TCAT Shelbyville CAD Students Earn Certifications

Congratulations to Computer Aided Design students on earning certifications!

Practice Makes Perfect

TCAT Shelbyville urges students to continue education despite COVID-19

TCAT Shelbyville encourages students to continue the pursuit of higher education in the midst of