Practical Nursing - Full Time Days Main Campus


This program is designed to give the student both theory and clinical experience in the nursing field in order to meet criteria to pass the National Council License Exam (NCLEX) and practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Upon completion of the course, the graduate will be able to understand the role of the practical nurse on the nursing team, practice nursing safely and understand related information, appreciate health as related to the individual, the family, and the community, demonstrate skill in understanding behavior in relation to patients, co-workers, family and friends, recognize scientific principles which form a background for nursing, demonstrate communication skills in observing and reporting, demonstrate competency in theory and clinical performance, recognize the need for continued self-direction in personal and vocational growth and give nursing care to clients under the supervision of a registered nurse, licensed physician, dentist, opthalmologist or optometrist.


Information Detail
Time Commitment Full Time
Typical Program Length 12 Months
Clock Hours 1,296
Class Type Day, Night
Credentials Diploma
Total Tuition/Fees $7,349.00
Textbook/Supplies Cost

Program Credentials

Option NameHoursCredentials
Nurse Aide324Certificate
Practical Nursing1296Diploma

NOTE: Practical Nursing program inquiries and applications are handled through Admissions, at TCAT Shelbyville’s main campus. Failure to follow instructions from Admissions could result in missing deadlines, receiving incorrect information, and a missed enrollment opportunity. Applications for one TCAT are not transferrable to another.

Start Dates for Upcoming Practical Nursing Cohorts:

Full-time, Daytime Shelbyville Main Campus

September 2024 (Fall 2024)

September 2025 (Fall 2025)

*TCAT Shelbyville’s Full-time, Daytime Shelbyville Main Campus Practical Nursing program operates as a twelve (12) month “cohort”.  A “cohort” is a group of students banded together or treated as a group in a diploma program of study. 


Class Schedule for Practical Nursing Cohorts:

  • The Full-time, Daytime Practical Nursing cohort meets Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. (until clinical practice begins). Prior to beginning clinical practice, an alternate schedule will be provided by the instructor.

Step 1

  • Select and complete the 04 Special Industry/Supplemental Application Type for application to the Anatomy &Physiology and/or Math for Meds pre-requisite course(s).
    • Please be advised that it is recommended that the two prerequisite courses be taken in separate trimesters due to the level of difficulty of course curricula.
    • Prerequisite courses are offered at TCAT Shelbyville’s main campus and Franklin County extension campus during the evening hours, starting in January, May and September. Day classes are offered at the Lincoln County Campus (Lincoln Central Academy). Specific course meeting schedules are published to the institutional website by December, April, and August of each year.
  • Select and complete the 01 New College Applicant or 02 Returning TCAT Application Type for application to the Practical Nursing program.
  • Check your personal and campus email accounts for official enrollment notifications from Admissions and act accordingly.
  • Review program Books and Supplies Lists on the institutional website for cost estimations. Do not purchase books or supplies until you begin classes. Books and supplies are subject to change without notice.
  • Review Bookstore and Textbook information on the institutional website for the contact and ordering information.

Step 2

Submit the following mandatory items in-person to Admissions in the Office of Student Services at TCAT Shelbyville’s main campus:

  1. Proof of High School completion or Equivalent/GED in the form of an official transcript (sealed document from the high school or state).
  2. Proof of two Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccinations from a Tennessee County Health Department immunization/shot record. *Pharmacy vaccine consent forms are not accepted.
  3. Proof of two Varicella vaccinations from a Tennessee County Health Department immunization/shot record, or laboratory evidence of varicella-related immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies in your blood, or written diagnosis of history by a health-care provider.  *Pharmacy vaccine consent forms are not accepted.

Step 3

  • Successfully complete the Anatomy & Physiology and/or Math for Meds prerequisite course(s) from TCAT Shelbyville with a minimum grade of 80 (eighty).
  • Please be advised that successful completion of pre-requisite courses does not guarantee entrance into a practical nursing cohort program. TCAT Shelbyville Practical Nursing program enrollment is based on a first-come, first-serve basis by date of completed application. A completed application includes all mandatory items required for enrollment.

Transferring of Anatomy & Physiology Credits:  If you have already taken Anatomy and Physiology from a Tennessee college or university that is Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), or Commission on Occupation Education (COE) accredited, your credits may transfer to TCAT Shelbyville. The official college transcript must indicate a grade of B or above in Anatomy & Physiology I and Anatomy & Physiology II, with a successful completion date no more than 5 (five) years prior to starting a TCAT Shelbyville Practical Nursing cohort program.

**TCAT Shelbyville no longer offers the Math Challenge Exam (MET).


Students who withdrawal or terminate from another Tennessee College of Applied Technology Practical Nursing program, seeking enrollment into one of TCAT Shelbyville’s programs, will be required to start at the beginning of a practical nursing cohort. TCAT Shelbyville Practical Nursing students that do not successfully complete a trimester, will be allowed to return at the beginning of the unsuccessful term, for one occasion only.


The Practical Nursing handbook can be found below. This handbook will provide information regarding the classroom and outline policies, rules, and regulations.

Requirements for Clinical Rotations:

Hepatitis B (series of 3 shots)

TDaP (due every 10 years)

COVID (series of two Moderna or Pfizer and one booster) or (JJSN and one booster) or (an approved Medical Exemption from a physician)

Influenza (due annually)

QuanitiFERON Gold -serum test (due annually) *We do not accept TB skin test

MMR x 2 (or titer showing proof of immunity)

Varicella x 2 (or titer showing proof of immunity)

Proof of Medical Insurance

Physical (due annually)

BLS (American Heart Association) Provider Course -Only


*Nursing students are required to pass a Urine Drug Screen and a Criminal Background check

Campus Locations

Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Shelbyville:
1405 Madison St.
Shelbyville, TN 37160


First Trimester: 
LPN (pre-req) 0001 - Worker Characteristic
LPN (pre-req) 1010 - Basic Nursing Principles
LPN (pre-req) 1020 - Fundamentals
LPN (pre-req) 1030 - Administer of Medication & Basic IV
LPN (pre-req) 1050 - Clinical I
LPN (pre-req) 2030 - Medical & Surgical Nursing I
Second Trimester: 
LPN (pre-req) 0002 - Worker Characteristic
LPN (pre-req) 2010 - Pharmacology I
LPN (pre-req) 2020 - Mental Health
LPN (pre-req) 2040 - Maternity Health
LPN (pre-req) 3050 - Medical & Surgical Nursing II
LPN (pre-req) 2050 - Clinical II
Third Trimester: 
LPN (pre-req) 0003 - Worker Characteristic
LPN (pre-req) 3010 - Clinical III
LPN (pre-req) 3020 - Advanced Professional Vocational Relations
LPN (pre-req) 3040 - Pharmacology II
LPN (pre-req) 3030 - Pediatric Nursing
LPN (pre-req) 3060 - Medical & Surgical Nursing III


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