Faculty Evaluations Fall 2018

INSTRUCTIONS: The following links go to pages that contain a number of statements about your experience with your instructor. Please rate the frequency with which your instructor engages in each of the following statements from Never to Always. This data will be used to make continuous improvements to the student experience at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Shelbyville. Please note that there is no right or wrong answer. We appreciate your honest feedback. Please select the number that best describes your instructor's ability to meet each competency. 


Administrative Office Technology


Automotive Technology

Computer Aided Design Technology

Collision Repair Technology

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

Industrial Electricity

Industrial Electricity Nights

Industrial Maintenance Automation
Industrial Maintenance Automation - Mason
Industrial Maintenance Automation - Parker
Industrial Maintenance Automation - Nights
Industrial Maintenance Automation - Fayetteville
Industrial Maintenance Automation - Lewisburg
Industrial Maintenance Automation - MTEC
Industrial Maintenance Automation - UTSI
Industrial Maintenance Automation - Winchester


Information Technology and Infrastructure Management

Information Technology and Infrastructure Management Nights

Information Technology and Infrastructure Management - MTEC

Practical Nursing - UTSI
Practical Nursing - Augustin
Practical Nursing - DeBerry
Practical Nursing - Rymer
Practical Nursing - Woodlee
Practical Nursing - Young

Anatomy & Physiology - Watson

Practical Nursing Nights - Augustin
Practical Nursing Nights - Jacobs
Practical Nursing Nights - Petroff
Practical Nursing Nights - Raybon
Practical Nursing Nights - Rymer
Practical Nursing Nights - Young


Machine Tool Technology

Machine Tool Technology - Nights


Patient Care Technology/Medical Assisting

Tech Foundations

Tech Foundations - Bruno

Truck Driving