Veterans Administration & G.I. BILL Benefits

Our Mission

At Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Shelbyville we are dedicated to help Veterans use any educational benefits for which they qualify. We are in compliance with Executive Order 13607 and strive to make the Veteran’s experience here pleasant and successful.

Step by Step Instructions for Applying for the G.I. Bill Using VA Benefits at TCAT Shelbyville:
  1. Apply for school at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Shelbyville.
  2. Gather your DD214s, also any NGB 22s, Kicker Contracts and Notification of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) if you have been issued.
  3. Apply online for your education benefits at:
  4. Once accepted you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the VA.
  5. Bring ALL the above documents to Jim Potts TCAT Shelbyville VA SCO @ the TCAT Shelbyville.
  6. Upon starting school you will be adopted as a student in the VA ONCE website.
  7. Start drawing benefits and complete your education.
Important Things to Remember:
  1. If you wait to apply for your benefits when you start school you will have to pay tuition for the first trimester. It may take as long as 12 weeks for VA to get you processed, this means a long delay before you start receiving your benefits.
  2. Ensure your direct deposit information is correct with VA for prompt payment to your bank account.
  3. If you have attended school somewhere else using the G.I. Bill you must complete VA 22-1995 online to change your place of training to TTCS at:

If your student status changes in ANY way contact Jim Potts IMMEDIATELY. As a VA student YOU are required to contact him about YOUR changes. This is not the responsibility of your instructor or the Student Services Office. VA will recoup ANY overpayment from you.

*Download a printable copy of these instructions below.  (Adobe pdf reader required)

VA Deferment

Deferment is not needed for the NEW Post 9/11 Chapter 33 G.I. Bill.

Eligibility for Deferment of Payment of Tuition Fees by Certain Eligible Students Receiving U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or Other Governmentally Funded Educational Assistance Benefits other than Chapter 33 G.I. Bill. 

Service members, Veterans, and dependents of veterans who are eligible beneficiaries of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs education benefits or other governmentally funded educational assistance, subject to the conditions and guidelines set forth in Tennessee Code Annotated 49-7-104 as amended, may elect, upon formal application, to defer payment of required tuition and fees until the final day of the term for which the deferment has been requested. Application for the deferment must be made no later than 14 days after the beginning of the term, and the amount of the deferment shall not exceed the total monetary benefits to be received for the term. Students who have been granted deferments are expected to make timely payments on their outstanding tuition and fees balance once education benefits are being delivered, and eligibility for such deferment shall terminate if the student fails to abide by any applicable rule or regulation, or to act in good faith in making timely payments. This notice is published pursuant to Public Chapter 279, Acts of 2003, effective July 1, 2003.

Call Jim Potts, VA SCO, 931-685-5013, Ext. 100 for Assistance

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